Metting of project beneficiary (FFTB) and partner (Agrolaguna) project team members

In Agrolaguna d.d., Poreč a meeting of project beneficiary and partner project team has been held on March 23rd 2015.

Participants were Verica Dragović-Uzelac, Karin Kovačević Ganić i Željko Uzelac from the FFTB team and Miroslav Latal, Katja Gašparini, Sabina Salamun, Danko Slade i Danijela Kontić from Agrolaguna’s team that is almost all partner team except Mr. Milan Budinski that had other obligations.

Prof. Verica Dragović-Uzelac, head of project and prof. Karin Kovačević Ganić, the coordinator of research have introduced the collaborators with the conducted activities, achieved results and progress in project implementation. The course of scientific research and methodology used for the isolation of bioactive compounds from wine production organic waste (WPOW) has been described.

Research conducted so far is connected to the isolation of various groups of polyphenols from freeze dried samples of grape skin that is by-product of wine production from Teran, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. Conventional extraction procedures were developed and high pressure assisted isolation procedures are currently being developed. Research was conducted by the members from project beneficiary team from Zagreb and Zadar. Partner’s project team members suggested and showed interest to broaden the research to the white grape varieties processing by-products and also to some additional research that would additionally increase the quality of project.

Due to the significant decrease in budget during the project contracting, supercritical CO2 extraction system cannot be obtained within the approved budget. Therefore the head of project made notice to the project team members that this part of the research will take place on Faculty of Food Technology in Osijek, therefore this activity will be successfully realized as well.
Partnets were also aquainted with the Poreč and Zadar professional workshops organization plan as well as the final results presentation in Zagreb. It was agreed that the project will be presented in cooperation with partner on the VinIstra manifestation that will take place May 8-10 2015.
First workshop was announced for first half of June in which three lectures will be given by the members of project beneficiary team and one by partner’s team.

Visit to the Agrolaguna’s plantations and individual small producers has been planned within the first workshop. It was proposed to call the following target groups to the workshop: small wine producers, advisory services, local community representatives, scientists, producers of other agricultures (olives, fruits) that are also faced with the problem of production by-products. Colegues from Slovenia dealing with simmilar problems will also be called.
Partner will propose the names of potential participants in the workshop derriving from local community and small producers.

The dinamics of project implementation related to the administrative work, co-financing of wages and other acceptable expences has been agreed.
After the meeting the host organized a tour of the wine production facility to introduce the guests to the technology, capacities and future plans in the development of the company.