PBFFaculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology was founded on April 26th 1956 by the Decree of the Croatian Parliament (N.N. 23/1956). The founder of the Faculty is the University of Zagreb making the Faculty a scientific educational component of the University with institutional status. According to the scientific organizations registry Faculty has the registration to perform following activities:

  • High education in the scientific area of biotechnical sciences, field of biotechnology and food technology through pre-diploma and diploma University studies as well as organization and performance of professional courses especially in the domain of long life learning, summer and winter schools from the area of the Faculties';
  • Scientific, research and professional work in the area of biotechnical sciences including: food technology, biotechnology, food engineering, biochemical engineering, nutritionism, food chemistry and biochemistry, tobacco processing technology, protection of the environment, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular genetics and microorganisms physiology, bioinformatics, managing and handling of the food production and biotechnological products, quality assurance, inspection and evaluation of the agricultural, food and biotechnological products, health safety of agricultural and food products as well as the inspection and evaluation of the general use products;
  • Organization and holding of scientific and professional conferences;
  • Performing of the publishing, library and informative services for the needs of educational, scientific and professional work;
  • process and technology design, engineering and supervision in the activity area;
  • professional work in the protection of the environment;
  • technical investigation and analysis;
  • performing the other duties necessary to conduct the basic activities of the Faculty.


AgrolagunaThe history of Agrolaguna d.d. from Poreč reaches the year of 1963 when The Agriculture Conglomerate Poreč with the headquarters in Poreč was formed. After that date the clusters within the Conglomerate obtained the status of facilities with some of the activities being: wine and olive growing, wheat, rapeseed, hazelnut production etc.

Up to ’90 the company was reorganized several times. In 1992 in the process of transition it was formed as a joint-stock company. Major shareholders of the joint-stock company are Croatian privatization fund, funds of retirement and health insurance and Privredna banka. In the year 2004 Agrokor became a part of the owners’ structure of Agrolaguna d.d. through buying of the stocks from the Croatian privatization fund. In the same year Agrokor bought a part of the stocks from former shareholders and continued to lead the business and development policy of the company.

Agrolaguna d.d. is a producer of the primary agricultural products that are mainly used for the own production of wine, olive oil and cheese. With the own production a part of the raw materials comes from the cooperation. Company is composed by a winery, olive oil mill, cheese factory, sheep and goat farm, vegetables production facility. During the last couple of years significant means were invested into equipping and reconstructing of the three main processing facilities. After that the activities are being focused to product development by technological process optimization, new products development and improving of design and packaging material.

Partner selection:

Agrolaguna d.d. was chosen as a partner because it fall into the category of companies that take care of the protection of environment, waste handling and also because it shown the interest for the investigations of the bioactive compounds from wine production organic waste (OWWP). It is important to stress out that Agrolaguna d.d. from Poreč is the holder of the certificate of the environmental management following the demands of the international norm ISO 14001.2004. Through the implementation of this project and additional step forward will be made and a base for the implementation of the new technologies in the processing of waste from wine production by creating added value products will be made.

Between FFTB and AGROKOR d.d. in which group is Agrolaguna d.d. the Cooperation Contract has been signed in 2004. This contract expresses the common goal for the formation of the relations aiming to develop direct collaboration on joint projects in the areas where mutual interests, as well as the connection of the scientists and professionals in their resolution exist.

FFTB as a research institution disposes the scientific and research knowledge, qualifications and research equipment, while Agrolaguna d.d. as an experienced producer offers production capacities, experienced enologists, raw materials and wine making equipment. Through this partnership the prospects for the successful development of new nutritional products, extraction and exploitation of valuable organic material from the grapes processing by-products.